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November delivers upbeat energy.  Steady strong motivation, optimistic determination and increased ambition permeate thought and action. Supportive relationships, both personal and professional, thrive, propelling us forward and enabling us to assist others in so doing, as well. The prevalent atmosphere of vitalized harmonious interaction accommodates the focus of our efforts being enthusiastically received. Encouraged by support and assistance, intentions translate into progressive actions resulting in accomplishments. Personal fulfillment and unity with others prevails, inspiring thankfulness for where we are and where we are headed.

How best to proceed this month:

Show up for yourself
Recognize your inherent attributes as valuable assets
Strengthen self confidence
Leave no room for draining insecurity, self-doubt or hesitancy to inhibit you
Free yourself from the ghosts of past discouragement and disappointments
Invite ingenuity and creativity to guide you
Develop new alliances
Embrace challenge
Do not let opportunity slip by
Consciously commit to action
Work with ardor and optimism
Retain faith in yourself, your objectives and in the input and involvement of others
Form your personal support team of mentors, advocates and collaborators
Combine focus with enthusiasm
Expect to enter uncharted terrain and welcome exposure to the unknown
Let the spirit of adventure feed your energy

Take pleasure in the journey for the true joy is not in arriving at the destination. It is in the journey, itself! The lessons learned along the way will well influence the destination at which you arrive!



In October, the tide has begun to turn in our favor. Awakened vitality and brightened thought patterns begin texturing our lives. Constraints soften into flexible options. Uplifted attitudes encourage us to fully engage ourselves into crafting what we desire. A heightened personal sense of positivism prevails, nourishing and fulfilling our sense of self and belief in our abilities and talents. This strengthens our willful determination to encourage change, embark on rites of passage and take on the future.

How best to proceed this month:
Establish secure footing; stay grounded
Combine sustained patience with enduring willpower
Avoid temptation to don blinders and succumb to short cuts
Strive for the genuine lasting result
Recognize that investing oneself in achieving substantial results is an evolutionary process, requiring time
Fuse a zealously determined spirit with fully focused involvement to break down barriers to success
Engage imaginative speculation when charting your route and fully defining what you seek, then back it up with solid detailed planning
Ascertain how to advantageously employ inherent personal skills, talents and attributes
Welcome evolutionary change, avert upheaval
Create pleasing surroundings that encourage physical comfort and nourish the mind-body-spirit connection
Encourage and enjoy fortuitous, amicable, supportive relationships, both professional and personal
Source fresh influences, new connections and learning from established organizations, groups, and communities
Network, network, network
Note that going it alone is not productive at this time
Direct your emotional focus to cultivate sustained patience and acceptance
Aspire to unify intention with action to maintain a peaceful, balanced
mental focus
Perpetuate unswerving optimism

"People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success." ~ Norman Vincent Peale



August began on cheerful and productive footing, but now we're beginning to hit a number of annoying bumps in the road. Frustration, obstruction, vulnerability, emotional strain and over compromise seem to be shadowing us in all too many ways. Draining?...Yes!  But nothing need fall apart if you don't!  Actually, much of what is happening, by its very nature, can be alleviated, if not fully resolved, by the way in which you respond and proceed.

How best to proceed this month:
Attune to the concept that things may just require more time than you might like to work themselves through.
React to setbacks philosophically and tool them into learning situations.
Exercise fortitude, patience and precision in whatever you address.
Pacing should be slow and carefully deliberated.
Avoid letting angst or anxiousness, whether stemming inwardly or from
others, push you into a vulnerable or overly compromising position.
Realize that much of what is happening is really about finding the right ways to discern, protect and cultivate your best interests, not sacrifice them.
Discern your position more dispassionately to keep a proper focus and advance logical and creative thinking.
Streamline priorities, obligations and commitments.
Handle what you need to, fully and with dedication, but do not get in over your head.
Apply prudence and restraint.
Be cautious of oversights, poor timing and acting from anxiety or impatience.
Persevere rather than abandon.
Be willing to wait and use this time to learn and strengthen.
Power up your self-reliance.
Trust your instincts and cultivate faith in yourself and your abilities.
Stay committed to what matters, relying on independent action rather than engaging or involving others to handle things for you.
Go with the current, even if it is pulling you backward; for more than likely, you will discover that it is so for an excellent, instructive and redemptive reason.

In a month when restraint rules and the dictum is "easy does it", be sure to 'chill out' on all fronts. Then you can more readily comprehend and evolve from the lessons coming your way.

What is key this month is to remember that: "Such power there is in clear-eyed self-restraint" ~ James Russell Lowell



Here we are in July, with more that half the year behind us. How will July be carrying us forward as we move into the second half of 2010?  Well, we start out without much opposition from other people or circumstantial influences. This enables us to feel energized, motivated, lighter in spirit, and more ready to take some well calculated risks, engage in a bit of adventure and place some focus on having fun. This welcome sense of balance, contentment and peace brings revitalization with it. But that is as far as it goes. That which will require an investment of ourselves and active effort will not really get off the ground. Instead we will be invited to open ourselves to introspective examination for the formulation of new approaches, thought patterns and aspects geared to beneficially protecting us for when things go unexpectedly awry.

How best to proceed this month:
Hone the your assets of patience and diligence.
Do not cut corners nor skim through details.
Avoid the temptation for rapid progress.
Focus on what is on your plate now.
Stop procrastinating in fulfilling commitments and obligations to yourself
and others.
Employ creativity in thought and approach to assist you in achieving
Tie up loose ends and bring projects and issues to solid satisfying
resolutions and conclusions.
Enjoy the satisfaction, relief and contentment completion brings and let
this be the source for rejuvenation.
Maintain a positive outlook and spirit, yet put a hold on the start of new
Direct your focus and involvement to defining and shaping your role and the roles of those with whom you are connected or interact.
Develop healthy patterns of supportive interdependence with others.
Clear the way for change; change that may be put in your path as a
culmination of greater events and circumstances, rather than change that is self-engineered.
Cultivate receptivity, fluidity and flexibility.
Permit your inner "knowing" to take preeminence in advising and guiding you.

This is a time when "the future belongs to those who prepare for it." (Ralph
Waldo Emerson)  Do keep this in mind as you move through this month.



We've made it to the midway point for the year and happily, after many months of challenging and often unsettling changes, June appears to present a month of positive activating energy enticing us to leave the stalemate position too many of us have placed ourselves in as a means of protection.

During the early stages of the month, nothing seems to invite one to move
forward, but then quite suddenly there is a major shift in energy, a happy
and welcome one. It will be quite conducive to formulating or launching
major plans. Many will likely experience fortuitous elements in their endeavors. Something previously overlooked or ignored could come to light. Opportunities once ignored or not realized could beckon. And often second chances in careers, personal relationships and endeavors will be offered. This will sure help us to lighten our attitudes, open our thought processes and charge up our motivation.

How best to proceed this month:
Disengage from thought patterns centered on failure, obstacles and conflict.
Commit to closing down the past and carrying forward only the wisdom gained.
Embrace the commencement of the new.
Cultivate your sense of independence and personal uniqueness.
Breed self-confidence.
Temper driving motivation and energizing enthusiasm with a probing
360-degree perspective of your situation, circumstances or relationships as you move forward.
Take care that new-found empowerment partnered with keen desire to have it your way do not steer you to vulnerability or compromising circumstances and relationships.
Do not fall prey to fear or be driven by blind ego.
Promote a healthy sense of faith in yourself and your future.
Exercise patience in place of negativity.
Know that the information and answers will come, and wait for them.
Concentrate on proceeding with a steady progressive rhythm to get where you want to be.

Enjoy the parting of the clouds and hoist your sails as the flow of the
current and the direction of the wind aid you on you way.



Well, in the event you might not have already noticed, this May is a rather touchy month. Touchy because many of us are extremely sensitive, vulnerable and much of what we are attempting seems to proceed in quite a "touch and go" fashion.

Frankly, it is just going to be a rugged month. Initially many of us may be drawn to contemplating and analyzing new plans, activities, trips, meetings and discussions. For most it would be best to not thrust forward. Intentions, plans and actions, no matter how well researched, discussed and thoroughly thought through will have a strong propensity to either backfire, evolve into disappointment, or just not be graced with the luck needed to succeed. Curiously though overwhelming frustration and impatience, the byproducts of feelings of impotency and insecurity brought on by much of what confronts us, reach such a breaking point that they actually serve to catalyze us into improving our attitude and outlook as May progresses.

How to best to proceed this month:
Focus on the now and work to keep all aspects in harmony and balance.
Draw happiness and contentment from the basics of daily living and from within yourself.
Defend against apprehension and insecurity whether stemming from within or from others.
Avoid putting yourself in circumstances which would invite increased stress, disappointment and frustration.
Postpone any investment of energy, emotion or funds in long term goals and rewards.
Do not permit overly ambitious, competitive, combative or zealous motives, attitudes and emotions to blindly lead you forward.
Open yourself up to patience and careful reflection.
Surrender the nagging need to control or force progress in order to prepare for what will come next. 
Maintain a calm low profile, adopt a flexible stance, stay in smooth accord with surrounding currents and closely monitor for future developments.

With many unexpected changes and occurrences in the wind, this is a month where it is best for us to take our sails down and wait for a change in the wind.



It's April. Spring has arrived. Increased daylight enhances our energy
levels. It's the start of the second quarter and for some the beginning of a
new fiscal year. Seems a great time to leap forward, expend a large dose of
energy, tie up what's been lingering and weighing us down and begin new
projects and address new issues. Right? Well, not exactly. Not this
particular April. The energies around us are not supportively conducive for
our doing so.

The wisest approach to the month ahead is to harness our powerful
determination to propel forward, restraining our zeal to turn intentions
into vibrant action. If we don't, our efforts will most likely be undermined
by obstacles, delays and unforeseen contingencies, all incurring
frustration, wasted mental and physical energy, over expense of funds,
strained emotions and disharmony.

The most recommended course of action for April to is to loosen up and
become more fluid in your approach. Take a more passive or receptive stance. This will enable us to do what is of most benefit for us during the month ahead, which is to:

Draw more effectively on our creative thinking
Enhance our ability to take in, absorb and retain new information
Revitalize our memory functions
Focus on essential relative details
Communicate with others for guidance, information and expertise
Engage in research
Utilize discretion in our choices and decisions
Let our imaginations flow freely
Maintain a smooth steady flow of activity
Take note of the flow of currents surrounding you and travel along with
them, using them to your advantage to carry you through.

When this imposing phase of disruptive energy clears, we'll then find
ourselves in the best position:  Well equipped and highly prepared to
positively, powerfully, launch our personal and professional surge of renewed energies towards resolution and completion of the old and attainment and achievement of the new.



The vitality to move forward has been lacking. Vigorous desire, willpower, drive, ambition, determination, resources residing in all of us, have been lying dormant obstructed by factors, people, institutions and situations dampening our spirits and effort. We are exercising extreme caution and avoiding making important decisions in response to the current economic crisis and emotional response it evokes. We are unwilling to move forward in unfamiliar times and conditions.

Continuing to permit the forces greater than us to impede our progress will only lead to deterioration of our current status and inherent strengths, moving us down the vortex to chaos. The security we mistakenly believe we are grasping onto will dissipate. The absence of personal progress carries with it emotions of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Our innate abilities to improve our situations will diminish in intensity and fortitude. Our sense of personal confidence and self-assurance with dissolve. Yes, caution is a good thing, but too much of a good thing is not good! Inevitably the law of diminishing returns kicks in. When this happens a protective stance too long in place becomes a destructive one.

Breaking free from this cycle is not all that difficult. The limitations currently imposed on us can actually prove to be good teachers, forcing us to make piercing explorations and evaluations of the elements restricting the exercise of ambition and determination to manifest better parameters for ourselves and our lives. As we delve into what lies outside our control, our comprehension and familiarity of its imposed limitations increases. And with this comes a source of empowerment. Gaining a profound perspective enables us to strategize the best ways to direct our inner drive for positive progress. A self-activated alteration in attitude fuels our drive and willpower to design and execute an effective strategy for positive change and upward evolution within the parameters of our lives.

When confronted by imposing forces, circumstances and individuals, remember to respect their power and scope. Unbridled determination and ambition have to be reined in. Without careful navigation of your energies, the results could prove unrewarding and disastrous, thoroughly depleting your inner strength. Carefully assess and reset goals, keeping focus on maximizing the hindering elements to your personal advantage. Previous pre-conceived concepts and objectives need to be released. Perceive your position and its opportunities within the greater whole to determine what your new targets will be.

Become an archer, making sure that your targets are viable ones lying within the scope of your capability and expertise. Adjust your position to your advantage, eliminating obstruction. Take aim, then release your re-vitalized spirit and let it connect your energy, willpower, desire, drive, ambition and determination with your target.

"The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat." ~ Napoleon Hill



Grown foreign to all too many of us is the unique sense of inner pride and contentment which stems from manifesting remarkable evolutionary personal achievement.

Our noses are hard pressed to the grindstone in a rugged global economy. The rewards we seek for the effort we expend are fundamental ones. They come as the result of a restricted focus primed to address the most immediate and essential elements requisite for the basic continuance of our businesses, careers and personal endeavors and are dictated tightly by the parameters of our existing circumstances.

The drudgery of constantly working from a protectively defensive perspective depletes our energies and stifles visionary thinking. Pondering only our short term issues inhibits our long range projections. We become distracted from more expansive thinking and bigger ideas. Attention to only the immediate over a prolonged period generates lethargy. Lethargy obliterates the stimulation of motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and creative thinking. Our opportunities for the excitement of implementation and the thrill of accomplishment are obstructed.

Take a moment and think...Where do you see yourself a year from now?...three years?...five years? Where do you want to be? What would you like to happen most for you from both professional and personal perspectives? How do you arrive there?

Consider life is rather like a billiards game. Yes, you are focused on the immediate when you are taking your shot, but if you are to achieve your goal of winning the game, you will also be focused on the impact the shot you are taking will have on the next shot to be made and you will even stretch your focus a bit further and dare to think about the shot after that.

When playing billiards, you are constantly evaluating and planning out where you are going and how you are getting there. As the successful players are visionary thinkers, utilizing their present to create a victorious future for themselves, similarly the dynamic of our thinking in the now will definitively impact our chance to achieve impressively successful future outcomes.

Why not begin exercising your "gaming" spirit this month? Hone up on your visionary thinking. Think fortuitously rather than defensively, inviting the challenge. Let ideas, creative concepts and dynamic action reveal opportunities previously unseen. Speculate on the possibilities. Confront the potential risks. Inspire motivation. Induce enthusiasm. Create the scenario for the future. Get in the game. Put your faith in yourself and take your best shot.



Although too many of us have been frozen in place for the last 9 or 10 months, the advent of the new year appears to be fostering a general ambience conducive to birthing the new: new projects, new businesses, new divisions, new products, new services, new relationships, new clients, new vendors, new technologies and systems, new locations, new space, new homes, new classes and workshops, new opportunities, new outlooks and new goals.

Before jumping headlong into action, identify your overall prime objective for what you are about to facilitate. Direct your focus first toward the end result before dwelling on the specifics of the steps toward getting there. Think big picture and focus specifically on your target. What precisely is it that you wish to accomplish or gain as the ultimate result of the new project you are about to launch or the new path you are about to venture onto?

By first streamlining your thought processes toward the overriding motivation for parenting of the new, it will then become easier for you to determine, evaluate and then decide on the precise factors and options which will best promote the attainment of your prime objective in the smoothest possible manner. Determine what constraints and obstacles you will be dealing with as you take aim. Conceive of the means and methodology to resourcefully work through or around such inhibitors now, so that when you step forward, you will not become blocked nor lose focus. As you implement your process in the most conducive and beneficial way you will reduce the risk of abandoning it. Deliberate, careful, creative introspection will provide you with the compass you need to chart your way through new waters.

A clear internalized perspective of your overriding objective in generating the new, coupled with a well thought out secure, steady, innovative and smooth approach will enable you to constructively avoid the frustration of hasty false steps, and the ensuing confusion, frustration and delay they promote.

Combine your experience, expertise, wisdom, creativity, intuition, forethought and fore-planning into energetically launching your new and then watch the evolution of your progress!

© 2010 Adrienne Jaret 

Highlighting the Guidelines to See You Through Each Month